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EDA Enrichment Programme

Education is defined as “a process of giving a systematic instruction, especially at a school or a university”. Often, modern day education is viewed in an academic sense, where grades are used as a yardstick to show how educated the student is. However, true education does not end at the academic level. Hence, EDU Dynamics Academy is on a mission to provide an alternative education to our students; certainly not about subjects and grades only.

The world is becoming more competitive by the day; it is essential that a student be equipped with appropriate soft skills, thus enhancing their competency. At EDU Dynamics Academy, we facilitate a more holistic learning process for the students to bring forth the full potential of the student.

The EDA Enrichment Programme comprises the following 5 clusters, namely:

  1. Communication & Social Skills
  2. Business & Marketing
  3. Art & Design
  4. Health & Fitness
  5. Sports & Recreation

Communication & Social Skills

The courses in this cluster aim to inculcate ethical communication and the importance of acknowledgement in young individuals. Besides that, the students joining this programme will also be exposed to the idea of how good communication skills plays a role in achieving success in life.

Business & Marketing

This cluster makes available courses on Online Business, Digital Marketing, Internet Finance, The Companies Act, Accounts and others. The focus is on developing aspiring businesspersons besides equipping the students with entrepreneurship skills.

Art & Design

This cluster of the EDA Enrichment Programme aims to be a platform to groom skills that cover painting, digital design software and similar courses. The modules offered under this cluster aim to instill students’ interest in art and design. The modern-day industry requires creativity as much as technical skills.

Health & Fitness

A government campaign sometime in the past went like this – “Healthy Body, Brighter Mind” or “Badan Cergas, Minda Cerdas”; it made Malaysians aware of the importance the maintenance of a healthy body through exercise and a balance diet. The activities in this cluster of the EDA Enrichment Programme are designed to nurture healthy young individuals with brighter minds.

Sports & Recreation

Aside from serving as a platform for academic excellence and soft skills development, EDU Dynamics Academy also intends to open doors to develop students’ interest in sports and games. The weekly Physical Education activities and regular coaching clinics shall serve as the gateway for the children to venture into the sporting world. This way, students have the chance to develop as an all-rounder at EDU Dynamics Academy.