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A Bit About Us

IGCSE Centre

E DU Dynamics Academy is an institution to address the current concerns, needs and wants of Malaysian parents and students. The Academy proposes to make schooling into a learning process, imbibe ethical values in the classroom and provide an interactive platform for students, parents and educators.


  1. Enrol 320 students into the Academy for alternate education by the year 2023
  2. Train 360 candidates annually in the EDA Enrichment programmes
  3. Become a leader in alternative educational services
  4. Develop a niche market in special education and tutorial services
  5. Establish a reputation for providing holistic training to young individuals


An Academy for Affordable Alternative Education and Training


To provide an avenue for special education and tutorial services through a holistic training programmes towards the enrichment of young individuals with superior character, skills and capabilities.


EDU Dynamics Academy aspires to:

  • Address the concerns of parents with regard to the quality of education provided for their children.
  • Provide a globally recognized secondary education in the form of the Cambridge IGCSE qualification which enables students to pursue their desired tertiary education.
  • Provide a focussed education with qualified educators, better security, affordable fees and lower student to teacher ratio.
  • Guide students in character building and thinking skills to develop needful competencies.

 EDU Dynamics Academy: 

  • Is spearheaded by two personalities who have a combined work experience of 70 over years in the education and related sectors.
  • Complementing them is a core team comprising an experienced principal, accredited faculty with an able support staff.

VIDEO: A Glance of Facilities Available

IGCSE Centre
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