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IGCSE Centre

E DU Dynamics Academy is an institution to address the current concerns, needs and wants of Malaysian parents and students. The Academy proposes to make schooling into a learning process, imbibe ethical values in the classroom and provide an interactive platform for students, parents and educators.


EDU Dynamics Academy shall aspire to address the apprehensions of parents with regard to the education of their children. The Academy will facilitate a globally recognized secondary qualification in the form of the Cambridge IGCSE option to enable the students to pursue further education. Towards the achievement of character building, thinking skills and developing competencies among the students, the Academy shall conduct relevant EDA Enrichment programmes.

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Our Programmes

The child goes through a holistic development programme while preparing for the IGCSE exams.

IGCSE Centre


IGCSE Centre


Some Writeup about alternative education by Edu Dynamics Academy Educators.

IGCSE Centre

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